Wrecking balls cleared for Albion Mill silos

By on February 21, 2014

THE Albion Mill silos, the last remaining link to the history of the area, will be demolished, following the approval of the demolition application by the Brisbane City Council last week.

The application received two objections, who cited the silos as being the only remaining link to the suburb’s historic Scottish immigrant roots. Also, the towering clover-shaped four silos are a local landmark.

“(The silos) are not specifically referenced in the Council’s Heritage Citation as being of cultural significance,” the council responded.

“Whilst they were utilised on the site for industry purposes they had no physical or cultural importance to the heritage aspects of the site. Whilst their physical prominence on the site is acknowledged and that they now remain the last industrial structure on the site, these grounds alone are not considered to be sufficient grounds for their retention alone,” council said.

The Albion Mill, protected by a Heritage Place order, burned down in November 2013 and had to be completely demolished.

During excavation and demolition work, a previously unknown basement was discovered containing historical flour mill artefacts. An FKP report said the artefacts were being retained to showcase later in a display.

The flour mill operated from 1931, for 72 years, until it finally ceased operating and closed in 2003.

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