‘Too pricey’ to pack ’em in at Wavell Heights

By on March 5, 2014
Three houses are going up on one block at Mayne Avenue, Wavell Heights.

TRIPLE UP: Three houses are going up on one block at Mayne Avenue, Wavell Heights. Other multiple-dwelling developments in the street have put pressure on street parking.

CONCERNS that Wavell Heights near Shaw Rd would turn into a crammed “Sardine Suburb” after council voted to allow higher density housing were premature, a North Brisbane real estate agent said.

Brisbane City Council changed its CityPlan to allow building on suburban blocks split down to 300sq m if they were within a 200m walk to retail centres deemed big enough to support the extra population.

Houses in Wavell Heights near the shops on Shaw Rd, near Tarm St, are in the target zone but First National Northside agent Clint Devereaux said there was little chance of developers rushing in waving huge cheques and dramatically changing the character of the area, as some have claimed.

‘I just don’t think it’s viable at the moment … The profit’s not there for them,” he said.

Steep land costs deter developers

Clint-Devereaux-2Mr Devereaux, pictured, said the land values in that area of Wavell Heights were too high for developers to gamble on an untested concept.

He said a developer would need to stump up $500,000 to secure a suitable block plus stamp duty, drop about $60,000 on development costs, and spend about $220,000 each to build two townhouses.

The required selling price would likely then price them out of the market for owner-occupiers compared to the traditional houses with yards in the area.

Cr Kim FLesser (Nortgate ward), who voted against these CityPlan changes, said houses near the shops on Hamilton Rd, east of Spence Rd, Wavell Heights, were also on the chopping block.

Parking problems

The ongoing move to higher density living has sparked concerns around street parking as single houses on large blocks are knocked down and two or three townhouses are put up in their place.

As a worst-case scenario, two three-bedroom townhouses can have six young renters share-living. If they have partners who live-in or visit often, there can be 12 cars associated with that one block looking for a place to park.

Extra cars parked on the street from new townhouses has cut Mayne Avenue at Wavell Heights down to effectively a single lane at times, and it’s a worry for parents with kids riding to and from school.



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  1. Caroline Ryan

    March 6, 2014 at 8:55 am

    Parking in our street is terrible as a result of a couple multi dwellings. Intetestingly, the council has added to the congestion by making the street a bike route to Gympie Road.

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