About NorthernLife.com.au

NorthernLife.com.au hits the streets (or more accurately the information super-highway) for the first time this week, as a fresh, independent source of community news in Brisbane’s northeastern suburbs.

It was started by journalist Nick Moore, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the media.

Nick and his family have lived in the northeast since 2004, and his three children attend school in the area.

NorthernLife.com.au is locally owned and independent.

That leaves it free to act in the northeast’s best interests.

It also means revenue from local advertisers isn’t scooped up by Rupert Murdoch and taken back to New York.

Rather, it stays here to circulate through the local economy.

Nick looks forward to bringing their vast experience to reporting on the people and issues of northeastern Brisbane.

Please contact us if you have a story idea or are interested in advertising.