Chamber of Commerce turns P.I. for a night

By on February 18, 2014
Jeremy Kesby and Melissa Johnson at the Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce meeting. Jeremy Kesby, Melissa Johnson.

AS superpowers go, there would be few people who would go past the ability to spot a lie and most would agree that in their professional life, being able to tell when someone is lying to you would be, well, awesome.

Little wonder that the Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce had robust turnout for its first Gateway event of 2014, when deception detection expert Jeremy Kesby revealed the secrets to spotting a lie.

A group of about 30 north Brisbane business networkers heard Mr Kesby explain the tiny tells that reveal when someone is faking an emotion. He also exploded common myths that many rely on to spot liars.

“Looking away to the left is a common one. It doesn’t mean a person is lying,” he told the group. “Although many people think it does.”

Deception detection refined

Mr Kesby has been trained in deception detection and said very few people could really fake emotion. He said the exceptions were a handful of actors and undercover spies.

Mr Kesby, a trained and qualified private investigator, works as a consultant, primarily retained by insurance companies to spot fraud. He also offers his services in recruitment hiring and staff management.

Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce executive committee member Trudi Hollis said it was a great, fun event to kick off 2014.

“It was really entertaining and our members all got some benefit from Jeremy’s presentation that can help them in their business life,” she said.

PHOTO DETAILS: Jeremy Kesby and Exceler8 HR specialist Melissa Johnson at the Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce meeting.

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